Tuesday, February 25, 2014


When I am writing it brings me joy.  The act of creating the pieces that fit together and communicate what I have in my mind is joyful.

When someone tells me they liked my books, I feel joy and know they experienced joy also.

I have gotten better at finding joy in the smaller parts of life.

When I was younger I was looking for the big events in life to experience joy.  This left the rest of my life, which is the majority, apparently without joy.

I can see how people could be depressed in life if the majority of their life appeared to be without joy.

In fact the majority of life is joy.  If it was not so there would be no reason to live.

Now days many people have their “Bucket List”.

They seem to be in the mode of looking for joy in the Big events.

The other evening my wife and I went out for dinner.

Everything about the evening filled me with Happiness.  The waitress the atmosphere and the food.  Each bite, each smell, every part of the evening.

Yes it may be great to check something off your bucket list but I am confident I would enjoy it more if I was finding Happiness in each moment.

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