Sunday, October 2, 2016


Art is life.

When I was young I loved to read. My first trip to a library I was 7 years old.

I would check out a few books at a time to save visits.

Back then I had the idea that Art was just paintings or sculptures.  As I have grown older my view of Art has changed.

I added architecture and woodworking when I was studying in college.

When I finished my first book, Beyond Time, and people shared their enjoyment from reading the book I realized that writing was also Art.

As I have observed people in life going about their normal routines I saw people who are Artists.
They create an emotional response from those people they work with.
A waiter in a restaurant, policeman directing traffic, the list is endless.

What hit me was that we have Art in our lifes all the time when we chose to.  That spark of creativity brings us and others Joy.  Without Joy there is no life.

My suggestion is to create Joy in what ever you do.  Happier people will make this planet a better place.

Do not lessen yourself because you have not painted, sculpted, written or any of the other "Arts", your life is your canvas.

Create a masterpiece!

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