Saturday, July 30, 2011

Research or How To Obey The Rules Of Authenticity.

As I am writing, ideas come to me for the story I am working on. Most times I have no real facts about the idea and use research to make the facts fit the idea.

Some authors have the benefits of having been to the location they are writing about. It adds authenticity to your story to be able to give correct descriptions of the structures or landscape as the backdrops to your story.

If you had not been there before you would ...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pizza Delivery Is Destroying The Ozone Layer


Pizza Delivery Is Destroying The Ozone Layer

Obesity Caused By Low Fat Diets

HGTV Saves US Economy

Do you remember the scene in the movie Men in Black, where he grabs the tabloids and takes the headlines to find the aliens.

Next time you check out at the grocery store browse the current headlines. They are guarantied to