Monday, July 4, 2011

Pizza Delivery Is Destroying The Ozone Layer


Pizza Delivery Is Destroying The Ozone Layer

Obesity Caused By Low Fat Diets

HGTV Saves US Economy

Do you remember the scene in the movie Men in Black, where he grabs the tabloids and takes the headlines to find the aliens.

Next time you check out at the grocery store browse the current headlines. They are guarantied to
 get your attention. You can also bet that the story behind the headlines has little to do with the headline.

Life presents us with headlines that prompt us to take actions. Most of the time we are reacting instead of guiding our lives.

There are many authors who help people to take control of their lives. None of these teach you to react to the headlines.

I have been guilty of reacting in the past Now I am able to look beyond the headlines.

One thing I try to use is the three day rule. If you wait three days many times what you think you needed to do is not needed anymore. You may find that either something completely different is the best action or you do not have to do anything at all.

As a writer I only number the chapters instead of having a title so I do not create an idea that may give the reader a preconceived idea what the chapter is about. I want the reader to use their imaginations when they read so they are involved in the story.

You are the author of your life and should be writing the story of your life and each chapter should be an adventure that brings you happiness.

As for the headlines above.

Although millions of piazza are delivered each day they are not a factor in the ozone loss.

I think all those low fat or no fat foods may play a part in the overweight problem but that is only my opinion.

HGTV and the rest of the channels that show people how to work on their homes has been a larger spark in the economy that they are given credit for.

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