Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taste Buds And Fat Cells

On first hearing these words you might think that there is no connection between these two items.

Without any scientific degrees to my name I can only present some thoughts and observations that I have made through the years.

Current news is full of stories about the State of the Weight of the Nation and the theories and blame for the poor health of the masses would fill volumes.

Since the issue persists I think the answer has escaped detection to date.

I think I know (or at least have an opinion) as to why.

People eat energetically dead food.  They also so not eat food that is very satisfying to them.

Over the last few years I have made an effort to eat at restaurants who serve higher quality food and
to prepare tasty and high quality food at home.

When I take the first bite it is like an energy flows throughout my body as if the cells are saying thank you. I put my fork down and enjoy the sensation. At that point my body feels satisfied and I could walk away a happy eater. I can never just eat one bite so I continue eating the wonderful food. It does not take many more bites and I feel satisfied.

Not only is the food more energetic, it is also a much more satisfying experience for my tastebuds.

When I take a bite of food that is not high quality there is no energy flow and I mechanically eat what is on the plate, feeling less than satisfied.

When I compared these experiences I wondered if the taste buds were the key to the eating mechanism. If they are satisfied they turn off the eating mechanism and you eat what you need. When they are not satisfied the mechanism kicks in and you go through the motions until there is nothing left in front of you. At least it seems that way to me.

Couple that with increased portion sizes and the extra food has a free pass to the fat cell neighborhood.

Another part of the waste land of taste is the “fat free” mentality. Someone decided that fat was the culprit an we have gone crazy with creating “fat free” everything. There are labels that boldly proclaim that the product is fat free. Even though it never had any fat in it to begin with.

If you take cheese which is made from milk fats and create a product from other sources than milk fat what is it really?

If you watch any cooking show or talk to a chef they will tell you that fat is an essential part of the taste experience. A well marbled steak taste better than a very lean one. Many sauces are based on butter and would taste completely different if you did not use butter.

By removing the fat and thus the taste sensation you engage the eating mechanism and the calorie counter hits the jackpot.

I think the lack of good food has created an environment that perpetuates the eating mechanism. Most people do not have access to a fine dinning experience, either due to there being no restaurants in there area or the perception that they are too expensive.

We have become sheep being led to the nearest location that serves the largest portions and can get us in and out in less than an hour so we can say we went out for dinner.

Fine dinning is made up of; great food, great service, great atmosphere and great company. When you remove any of these you are missing the purpose of going out for dinner.

When you view the human experience and see there is more to it than the just a body. More and more scientists have presented theories that encompass vibrations, energy fields and more.

So the relationship between taste buds and fat cells may be explainable by those learned fellows.

I would challenge you to eat high quality food with real fat in it and see if it makes a difference.

Now, take your time, enjoy the taste, enjoy the ambiance and your company and see if you, like me, feel so much more satisfied and actually eat a lot less then.

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