Saturday, July 30, 2011

Research or How To Obey The Rules Of Authenticity.

As I am writing, ideas come to me for the story I am working on. Most times I have no real facts about the idea and use research to make the facts fit the idea.

Some authors have the benefits of having been to the location they are writing about. It adds authenticity to your story to be able to give correct descriptions of the structures or landscape as the backdrops to your story.

If you had not been there before you would ...

have made trips to the library to find books that gave you descriptions or found books with pictures of the area so you at least gained an idea of what the area was like.

With the advent of the internet my research brings me as much joy as writing the story.

Google earth will allow you to “visit” any place on the planet. Everything from street views in a city to the topography of the area.

Your searches will provide you street names, hotel history and information about any person or place that you can think of.

Do not let your lack of first hand information keep you from completing your book. You can still create an enjoyable work that has authenticity.

As a parting thought it is fiction we are writing so use your poetic license.  

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