Saturday, November 14, 2009

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When I was young I read tons of books from all genres.

It never occurred to me that I would write a story, let alone a book or for that matter, mutliple books. And yet, here I am, author of multiple books.

My English teachers I'm sure would be surprised. Not only have I written these books, but amazingly, many people are buying and reading them. Even other authors I admire like my books. Go figure.

As for English classes when I was young, actually I did not like them.

All the rules and sentence diagramming seemed a waste of time.

My senior year of high school was spent preforming plays, the drama teacher was teaching our English class and we did not have to diagram one sentence. Yeah!

Later in life, when I was 22, I started writing down bits of stories and prose.

Most of them did not turn into anything.

Then the idea of "Beyond Time" came to me and the whole story grew in my mind.

It was written in short spurts when the story would flow on the keyboard. It was finally completed and I still did not think about the idea of publishing it.

With much encouragement from my wife and friends I finally published the book.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment and yet amazement about all this.

Currently, I'm happily working on the 6th book in the series and have two other books partially done that are on completely different subjects.

Thanks for reading. More later.

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